When is the deadline to submit a CIP application?

    The deadline to submit an application for the Laneways CIP is September 1, 2020.

    When is the deadline to complete the work outlined in my CIP application?

    You have one year from the date of your project approval under the CIP to complete construction.

    Is my business eligible to apply for grants under the CIP?

    The lands within the Laneways CIP boundary below are eligible for the Laneways Grant Program.

    I did not utilize the now closed Design Team Services. Am I still able to apply for a grant under the CIP?

    Yes. Even without utilizing the services our Design Team provided, you are still eligible to apply for the grant program with your own designs. 

    The Love Your Laneways Team is still available to assist you with questions and provide you with ideas for your business. If this is something you are interested in, please feel free to reach out to our points of contact under the "We're Listening" section on our home page.

    Where can I submit my completed grant application?

    Completed Applications can be delivered to the Town Office or emailed to planning@midland.ca.

    What are the minimum and maximum grants requests?

    Grants will be provided in the amounts as follows:

    • 100% for the first $2,000 of eligible project costs
    • 50% of the cost of eligible projects between $2,001 and $10,000
    • Grant maximum of $6,000 per property/business per year
    • The minimum grant amount is $2,000, which means the minimum project cost eligible for a grant is $2,000