What is the maximum height I can build a fence?

    6 feet 6 inches (6’6”) from grade.

    Can I build my fence right on my property line?

    Yes, you have the right to build a fence directly on the property line. Survey’s may be required to determine the exact boundary.

    Do I need to put the good side of my fence to my neighbour?

    No, building the good side of the fence towards your neighbour is not required, it is only done out of courtesy.

    What is the cost for a taxi drivers License?

    $50.00 for the initial license. $35.00 for an annual renewal. 

    How many dogs can I own?

    You can own, or harbour a maximum of 2 dogs.

    Can I, or my neighbour, have vehicles on their property without a license plate?

    No, all vehicles on any property must be currently licensed and operational. Exemptions apply to legal commercial businesses, including used/new car dealerships, body shops, mechanic shops and wrecking yards.

    How much is a dog license?

    Starting in 2020 the Town now offers 1, 2 or 3 year tags.

    1 Year Tag2 Year Tag3 Year Tag
    January 1 - February 28$20$40$60
    March 1 - December 31$35$50$70

    When are the winter parking restrictions?

    No vehicle shall park on a street or Municipal parking lot between 12:01am - 7:00am November 15th-April 1

    Who do I contact after hours for a noise violation?

    Ontario Provincial Police - 1-888-310-1122

    Do you have an ATV bylaw?

    At this time no, ATV's are not permitted on our streets or trails.

    Can I park my semi-tractor in my driveway?

    Any vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) over 5000 KG cannot be stored on a residential property.

    Can I park on the street?

    Parking on the street is permitted if the street is not signed no parking, you are not interfering with traffic or blocking a laneway or driveway. Parking on the street between November 15 and April 1st  is prohibited due to snow removal.

    How long can I park at a parking meter?

    All Town parking meters have a 2 hour limit. The rate is $1/ hour.

    There is a tree close to my property that is a concern, is this the right department to talk to?

    The Town of Midland Municipal Law Enforcement Department with deal with trees that are dead, dying or in immediate danger of causing damage or bodily harm. Trees located on a property line are a civil issue, and not dealt with by the Town.